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PIano body repair

Sticking keys, sluggish keys, broken parts and termits attack, all repaired quickly and professionally.

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Piano Body Repair
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Piano tuning

Whether you play every day or once a month, your piano should be tuned at least once per year. Homes and institutions with environmental challenges may need 2-4 tunings per year.

Tuning your piano regularly maintains the proper pitch (tension) and insures that the piano’s stability and overall performance won’t be compromised over time.

Piano Tuning

check up

No matter how well made, however, the nature of these materials dictates that when the piano is used for many hours, day after day, week after week, the wear and deterioration can be extensive. To maximize their longevity, it is very important to keep these pianos in good regulation so that the wear proceeds more evenly. Along with tuning, regular regulation of the action, pedals, and tone should be basic parts of any effective plan of piano maintenance. Without this, neglected instruments in such environments will quickly become impossible to regulate without extensive overhaul or replacement of parts.

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General Check Up
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Piano Movers


Moving a piano takes thoughtful consideration and planning.

Our knowledgeable and courteous staff will handle every step of the way.

Piano Movers

Piano RENT

We offers several flexible options for allowing you to choose your rental plan. Whether you’re looking to rent for your special event, or to hone your piano playing skills with an in-home rental. 

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Piano Rent
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